Important notice: Shoplus will be discontinuing service

Dear Shoplus user, Thank you for using Shoplus. In order to provide a consistently high-quality user experience, we will streamline and optimize our service structure. As a result, we will be discontinuing the Shoplus service on February 28, 2023. Please note that we will stop accepting new service registrations on January 15, 2023, and we will […]

New Feature: Online store shopping cart!


Shoplus has updated the checkout process of the online store, adding a shopping cart system. Buyers can add multiple items to the shopping cart at once, and then go to Messenger to checkout, making shopping more convenient for buyers! How to use the “online store shopping cart” feature? Other updates: 1. Add a link message […]

New Feature: Mark order as refunded!

Shoplus has updated the new feature, you can now mark completed orders as refunded. Please note that the order can only be marked as refunded. If the item is incorrect, please return the money to the buyer yourself. How do I use the “mark as refunded” feature? Other updates: Thank you for your support, if […]

New Feature: Live Product Variant!

Shoplus has updated the product list of the live broadcast so that you can quickly check the product variant during the live broadcast, and guide your customers to make the order correctly.  At the same time, adding new products during the live broadcast can also fill in the product variant. How to check “Live Product […]

New Feature – Buyer’s Note Improvement!

Shoplus has improved the feature “Order – Buyer’s Note”!  Do you often miss notes filled in by buyers? Shoplus has updated the Order List page so that you can clearly see those orders with buyer’s notes in the order list, and no more information will be missed before shipping! How to check “Buyer Notes”? Other […]

New Feature: Online Store!

Shoplus has launched a new feature “Online Store”! You can turn on this function and add some products to the online store, then the buyers can open the web page, view the products, and buy them on Messenger. By using Shoplus “online store”, you can manage your product stock in the same app. How to […]

New Feature: “Item quantity locked”!

Shoplus has launched a new feature “Item quantity locked”! You can turn on this function and your buyers will not able to delete or change the item in their orders when their comment “+1” on Live. How to start to use “item quantity locked”? Go to the Live page Turn on the “item quantity locked” […]

New Feature: IG Live/Post Selling!


Shoplus has launched a new feature “Instagram Live/Post Selling”! In addition to selling through Facebook Pages, you can also sell products on Instagram now! How to start selling on Instagram? Convert your Instagram account to a Professional Account (Business) Link Instagram account to Facebook Page (skip if already done) Open the Instagram App on your […]

Function Updated:  A new rule about “Product Code”

Version: 4.9.0 We just updated how product codes go. Now upper and lower case, full-width/half-width input can be automatically detected! In the LIVE and Post, the buyer’s message containing this code will be detected and an order will be created automatically. Latest Code rules: 1. Not case-sensitive 2. Automatically convert full-width characters to half-width 3. […]