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Divisoria Market is one of the oldest markets in Manila which offers a huge low-priced goods marketplace. The place has literally everything you can think of buying from clothes to food to household items.

It is where you can find even cheap electronics and second-hand items. There are few famous malls that we will be sharing in a while but before let’s get started with a bit of history for Divisoria Market Manila.

Divisoria Market Guide 2020

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Divisoria Market has become the market of trade and barter fori has become the center for barter and trade for all over the provinces in close to Manila.

Street market Divisoria is also famous these days for wholesale items, where fellow small business owners get their items and run their business.

Clothes, accessories, toys, novelties, decorations, pirated films and music, electronics, fruits, dry goods, school, office and household supplies, fabrics, textiles, crafts, novelties, decorations and “everything you can think of” can be found in Divisoria, making it “the home of value shopping”.

Well there is so much to buy but as a smart buyer, you should also be careful buying some items. There are few things you shouldn’t be buying from Divisoria like processed food, toys for children as these items are almost imported and might not have confirmed by authorities as safe for use. Also, refrain from buying something ingestible as you may not know what problems they can create.

Where to shop in Divisoria Market

Lucky Chinatown Mall

Lucky Chinatown Mall is located at the heart of Binondo, Manila, the world’s oldest Chinatown, this Chinatown offers a unique blend of history, tradition and modern shopping and world-class leisure experience.

Divisoria Mall

Divisoria is a commercial center in between Tondo and Binondo in Manila, Philippines known for its shops that sell low-priced goods and its diverse manufacturing activities. The Tutuban Shopping Centers are situated within the commercial hub along with a night market located in the Shopping Centers’ vicinity.

999 Mall

Where to Shop in 999 Mall (Most updated shop guide for 2020)

Amy Salacup – Makeup Products – M2 Basement (BF 06-08)
Abby Shi Bags- Bags & Backpacks – 1 Pasilio (2D)

Sophia Co- Clothes – BLDG 1- 1st Floor 1F-4
Kiko Wang (Mixed Products)- New Bldg 2( Basement)- BE14

Asan Tan (Mixed Products)- Old Bldg-2L-1
Edson Sy- Mixed Products -New Basement (BD15-17)
JayJay Dong (Bags & BackPacks)- Old Bldg- 2B16-18
Gerald Mesa (Clothes) – Mall 2- 20-8
Janela Franzel (Clothes) – BLDG2- 1F-16
Rissa Fashion Online Shop (Clothes) – BLDG 2- 16-5
Aira Cbua (Clothes)- BLDG20- 2D-04
Mhe Mhe (Jackets) – BLDG 1- 2R-09
Ang Serenas Shoes (Shoes & Boots) -BLDG2- 1E-21
Harry Shop (Bags & Backpacks) – M2 Basement
Lichen PH (Appliances) – BLDG 1 (1B-01)
Sis Ol ! Shoppe (Phones) BLDG1, 1st Floor- 1N-07
Ang Serenas Store (Mixed Products)- Mall 2- 1Q (1-2)
Bea Co (Skirts) -Phase 2 Basement-11-12
Janely Blake (Slippers) – BLDG 2 (20-24)
Rachel Sy- Accessories- BLDG 2 (2F 02-04)
JAD OOTD (Clothes) BLDG 1 (15-09)
Lylia Co (Custom Printing)- BLDG2 (2F-15)

Imah Sy (Shoes) BLDG 2 (Pasilio 20-04)
Shin Dy (Mixed Products) BLDG 2D-25
Hong Kiao (Clothes)- BLDG 1 (IV 4-08)
Jay Chua (Trending Items) 2nd BLDG (2D-17)
Areesha (Fashion) – BLDG 2


168 Mall

Where to shop in 168 Mall

Leo Tan (Gadgets) 2E08
Yah Chutay Clothing (Clothes) BLDG 1 (26-16)
Relo Co (Watches) BLDG2 (Pasilio 1)
Jimmy Co (Clothes) 1K-20
Jiya Yu (Shoes) 1M-17
Jerry Sy
Lucky Ong (Clothes) 1L-07
Al Jehoson Qui Sua (Mixed Products) -BLDG-26-19
Bull Shirt (Custom Printing) 2nd Floor (2B-06)
Yuni Co (Shoes) Bldg 1 (2A-35)
Chin Cha Corner (Kids Wear) -26-05


Isetann Recto also known as Isetann Cinerama Recto: a shopping mall located at Quezon Boulevard corner C.M. Recto Avenue and Evangelista Street in Manila, Philippines. The mall was closed for a certain period of time in 2019 but is now accepting shoppers.

Where else to shop in Binondo Manila?

Here are a few more streets and shopping centre you can explore when in Divisoria.

Juan Luna Street
Tabora Street
Ilaya Street and Yangco Market
Tutuban Commercial Centre
11/88 Shopping Mall
D8 Shopping Mall
Dragon8 Shopping Mall
Raon Shopping Center
Meisic Mall
Binondo Vapers Avenue
82B School Supplies
Cartimar Manila Shopping Center
iShop 360


Custom Products in Divisoria

Custom Products have taken a good share in the market as people are appreciating personalized products more than before. Divisoria Market can be the best place for your next personalized item hunt. From Coffee Mugs to key chains, custom T-shirts to custom Jewellery, possibilities are almost endless at Divisoria.

Divisoria Online Shopping (Heading 2)

Want to shop items from Divisoria Market and don’t want to visit Binondo? Don’t worry, with an increase in online shopping and social commerce it’s easy to get almost everything from Divisoria Market online.

Try joining Facebook groups like Divisoria 168 999 Online or mostly you can visit Shopee and find your favourite items from Divisoria online.

How to make money selling product from Divisoria Market?

There are a number of sellers who are currently sourcing products from Divisoria Mall and other Markets in Binondo and are selling on Facebook.

If you use to sell products through Facebook Live or post you can now automate the process and grow your business exponentially. Since you are able to source your products from Divisoria, getting some ideas for Custom Mailer Boxes can be the best thing to do further.

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