What is digital marketing? Understand the key to succeed your online business.

Marketing plays an important role whether your business is offline or online and with the increasing number of businesses venturing online, there are a lot of marketing strategies that can help you boost your online presence and reach your target market that will eventually impact your sales positively.

What is digital marketing? Let’s make it simple so we can understand it better.

Digital marketing is a type of brand promotion with the use of internet technology can be in social media, websites and other online platforms. Digital marketing is really a challenge for brands on how they can reach as many customers as possible and to be able to achieve its goals and objectives effectively as it requires a new approach which is far different from the traditional marketing. 

What digital marketing and why is it different from traditional marketing?

Digital marketing focuses on targeting specific customers according to their interests and behavior. Unlike traditional marketing, the feedback can be measured by customer responses and the results can be used as a tool to immediately identify or modify the market needs. Another advantage of digital marketing is that you can reach your customers anytime and anywhere especially today that most of us are in front of our gadgets.

5D’s of Digital Marketing You Need to Know before Starting your Online Business

These are the basic things you need to know about Digital Marketing that will be helpful to you and to your online business. 

  1. Digital Devices
    Also called as online technology devices. It’s a medium between you and your target market for them to be able to interact and engage with your digital strategies. These devices may include phones, tablets, computers or laptops, television and game console.
  2. Digital Media
    It’s a channel that you’ll use to design and build engagement with your target audience. There are 3 types of digital media.
    Paid Media – form of media that businesses need to pay in exchange for promoting their online content to improve traffic such as display or paid search ads or purchasing space for advertising on various websites, etc.
    Earned Media – an external channel such as blogger or customer recommendations that will deliver a good impact to your brand that you may or may not need to pay for it.
    Owned Media – the channel you have full control over because it is your business’ own asset such as fan pages or website. For offline channels it will be your own physical store.

3. Digital Platforms
Areas that your business has planned to focus on interacting and engaging with your customers such as mobile applications, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and the like.

4. Digital Data 
The fundamental element that makes digital marketing very effective is the data. It may consist of profiles, their demographics, and pattern of behaviors.

5. Digital Technology 
It’s all about building and upgrading interactive experiences from your websites, mobile apps or in your physical store. 

We got you the top 10 best digital marketing strategies!

  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) : Pay in exchange for the clicks made by the customer. Click to see products or your business through various advertising channels such as Google, Facebook, and etc.
  •  Paid Search Advertising : One of the best ways to target customers in a way that when they search for a product or service, your website will appear on top of the search engine result page.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) : If you don’t want to pay, SEO is a good choice. But it will take quite some time and effort because you will need to optimize and rank your website through blog posts and keywords. 
  • Paid Social Media advertising : This is the most common and popular digital marketing channel . It is to pay for advertising space in the social media itself. 
  • Social Media Marketing : Similar to the options above, it’s free and organic.. You just have to focus and use social media in a way that will benefit your brand in the long run. Social media has many options that support online business like Facebook Shop.     
  • Content Marketing : is a digital marketing that focuses on producing quality content to impress customers and give the most benefits to online business such as blogging, how to use, etc. 
  • Email Marketing : This is the oldest form of online marketing But it is another strategy that should not be overlooked. Because you can communicate directly with your customers if you want to highlight special deals or events. 

These are some of the digital marketing strategies that might be helpful with your online brand. Study the behavior and profile of your target audience and carefully choose the best strategies you can apply to win them!

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