FAQ to Users

1. Are they going to pay for a subscription in the coming months?

No, you can use the basic features for free forever. We will release advanced features from time to time in the future. You can decide to choose to buy an advance feature or not.

2. Sellers are using only their cellphones, is there Shoplus app?

Shoplus web version is able to use on a mobile phone (Responsive Web Design), and we are developing an app for the Philippine market. Will update you once it is going to release.

3. In the use case that an order was fulfilled in COD payment and shipped by the buyer. The order was confirmed. However, upon the delivery, the buyer refused to pay.

  •           Question: What will happen to the Sales revenue in Shoplus since it’s already added in the sales revenue?

The revenue will be still counted, we have not handled “refused to pay COD”

  •            Follow up questions: How will I delete the said fulfilled order in Shoplus dashboard where the buyer refused to pay during the delivery? If you delete an order but you have shipped out, the order will be deleted but the shipment will be still carried out by your logistic company. You can think about Shoplus is managing the order record for you only.

4. Can you automatically deduct the amount of money being added in the sales revenue which a product returned by the customer?

Right now we dont have data that your shipment is returned by a customer, so we are not able to deduct the money from sales revenue in dashboard. However, in the future, once we integrate with logistic partners, we can have this feature developed.

5. Is it okay not to install Shoplus chrome extension?

Yes, it’s fine without install Shoplus chrome extension. It’s a little tool that integrated with facebook Page inbox perfectly to help you create an order when you chat with customers in inbox Page. However, yes, it’s totally fine not installing Shoplus chrome extension

 6. How to delete an existing shop in Shoplus?

You can just disconnect your facebook Page from Shoplus

7. Can I add a video in Shoplus?

There is a workaround to allow you upload a video just like you do in facebook but put the chatbot buy link next to you post. Here is an example:

  1. You upload your product to Shoplus and copy/paste the FB buy link.

      2) Go to your Facebook Page to create a post with video as usual

      3) Paste the FB buy link that can trigger the chatbot to your facebook video post, and then publish it.

      4) Then you will have a video post with Shoplus FB buy link that can trigger chatbot.

8. Can I also add a GIF image?

Same method with using video in the post described above.

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