Get to know “Facebook Shops” and the many cool features that are coming.

Two years ago, online sales through Facebook or Instagram continued to rise especially now in the COVID-19 pandemic era that resulted in both consumers and sellers to trade through online platforms instead. Unfortunately, many small brands or SME still face many problems and have to shut down operation for the meantime or others have to close permanently. Facebook has foreseen this problem and wants to fix it by providing a more focused consumer-seller platform. The target audience for this new developemnt will be SME-sized businesses who want to bring their business online. They also work together with many partners such as Shopify, Big Commerce, Woo Commerce and more.

What is a Facebook Shop?

Facebook Shop is a free feature on Facebook where you can link both your Facebook and Instagram page to create a single store. Sellers can upload multiple product collections or even a single product. They can also customize their page according to their branding. Selling and buying made easier and more convenient.  

People can now browse the product collection discovered from business’ Facebook Page or Instagram profile, or through stories or ads. From there, they can now save products they like and place an order – either on the business website or without leaving the app.

Why should you use this feature?

  • Products will be easier to recognize and will look more interesting as they are always at the top of the page. It’s also convenient for the customers to find and view other products under bestseller or suggested products category.  
  • Contact the customer directly via inbox message.
  • Can generate in-depth information like number of views per product that can be used for future planning. 
  • View products on Marketplace that will Increase store visibility 
  • Link your products in Facebook Shop to your existing store website. 
  • Secure payment without leaving the app. (*This feature is not available in Thailand.)

To add a product using Facebook Shop:

  1. Start with your store page on Facebook. Go to the “Shop” menu found on the left part of your screen. Then click “Add Product.”

2. Provide product name, price and product description.

3. If you want to add a category, like bestsellers or suggested products, click on the “Add Collection” button, then name and select products under that category.

Live Shopping

It is one of the most popular trends in real-time trading and this will be more efficient because of this new feature that will allow sellers, brands and creators to create tag products from their Facebook Shop or product catalogue before going live. Products will be shown at the bottom part of the video so customers can view the product, product details and buy it. This feature will make it easier for you to sell your products during live video.

Loyalty Programs

This is a way to help out small businesses create and manage their own loyalty program on Facebook Shop to acquire regular customers. Facebook is also making it easier to earn rewards with businesses you love by enabling you to connect your loyalty programs, like the points program at your local cafe, to your Facebook account. You’ll be able to easily see and keep track of your points and rewards.

Thanks to Facebook, it has developed some great features that will help and support online sellers. These features are now being tested and will be available soon. If you’re selling online, try Facebook Shop, as it will make your products and business page more organized. For backend management, Shoplus online shop management system helps you take care of your store. Keep comments of purchase intent from all posts under monitored. Send billing, and close the transaction successfully. This is in an Official Partnership with Facebook.

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