Holiday seasons are always full of excitement! The holiday spirit gets everyone into a shopping frenzy. In 2020 particularly, the pandemic has supercharged a shift to e-commerce. Brands and shop owners looked upon the online mega shopping days to boost their sales more than ever.

Ever since it was first celebrated as “Single’s Day” by Alibaba, 11.11 has now become the most popular shopping holiday in Asia. Despite the lucrative opportunity, competition is also fierce. Whether you are a brand or small business owner, you might wonder how to stand out in the game to catch more attention.

A success story from Shoplus 11.11 Live Shopping Day

At Shoplus, we hosted our first ever all-day 11. 11 live shopping event in 2020, featuring well-known Thai and international brands, in hope of adding a new dimension to online sales through the more interactive live stream format.

On the event day, shoppers not only were provided exclusive discounts of up to 80%, but also enjoyed free shipping on all items throughout the day. 

During live streaming, our sellers used Shoplus to process buying intent from comments into orders with our AI-detect chatbot integrated with Facebook Messenger. Through automation, sellers were able to process a comment every 0.6 seconds and sell an item every 4.6 seconds.

We also launched a lottery feature to make it possible to host a lottery draw among thousands of participants in a live stream much more easily. In addition, every lifestyle of each store will have a special surprise of 1 baht products as a reward for shoppers who join to buy products in this live shopping event. The system will randomly select a lucky person who joins the activity to buy a special item at a price of 1 baht during the live session.

Key result

Compared to a normal trading day, the Shoplus 11.11 Live Shopping Day helped Thailand SMEs and brands achieve….

  • over 92% of sales increase
  • over 135% of order increase
  • over THB 500,000 worth of goods sold in 1 live session by the top Shoplus seller

Learnings & useful tips

From our 11.11 Live Shopping Day experience, we have put together some learnings and useful tips from the Shoplus team and participating brands to share with you:

Use live stream to create real-time, real-person interactive shopping experience

Live stream selling has many upsides. For one, it is easy to reach more audiences given its online nature. For another, it also serves as an excellent way to engage with your audience in a genuine manner like offline sales used to do. It allows you to promote real products from various angles, answer customers’ questions directly and show the faces and voices behind the brand. The human touch is much more effective than static website imagery and text in building relationships with customers.

When you have a good size audience interacting with your live stream, it tends to generate interest and “buzz” for more people to join in. With virality, it is possible to make a good online presence even with a small budget.

Encourage comments through lottery draw to super boost your visibility

Curating small interactive activities like live polls or lottery draws not only helps you get your audience hooked, but also further boosts your online visibility. The more your audience comments, interacts or shares your content, the more the algorithm of social platforms will push your organic reach. As you are able to reach more people, you increase the chance of acquiring new users. Virality is the magic sauce to your social media sales success.

To help with that, Shoplus introduced a lottery feature for sellers to easily draw a winner among hundreds of comments. All the seller has to do is set a keyword for participants to mention in their comments within a period of time. The system will then draw a winner automatically. With the handy tool, sellers were then able to host more viral activities using lesser time.

Be fun! Get your audience hooked from start to end

You don’t necessarily need a good-looking influencer to make your live selling interesting, but you definitely need a good plan that incorporates some entertaining or interactive elements. You can prepare a fun fact to share, play some music during the interval, make people guess, give out some giveaways, make a live poll, etc.

Our top seller was able to generate more than ten thousands orders in a single Live on 11.11 Live Shopping Day. The seller, however, wasn’t a well-known brand that has millions of fans, but rather an individual shop that just has around thirty thousand followers. Their key to success was their expressive way to introduce the products and a well-curated content flow that combines speaking, customer interaction and even vibrant music.

Build relationships through showing your expertise

Entertainment is good for catching the eyeballs, but it is the trust you build through every interaction in every live stream that builds the foundation for long-term growth. Whether it is your own employees or the influencers to host the Live stream, the baseline is getting them to know your product in and out. 

Get a list of questions from product details to comparisons with similar brands ready before you do the live stream. Make sure you can answer them without thinking or stuttering.

Partner with other brands to create synergy

On mega sale days like 11.11, the competition is brutal. You will see various promotions from different brands and platforms, and advertisements get more and more expensive. Medium or small brands are often put at a disadvantage when competing for traffic with resourceful big brands. One way to fight with it is to find your own alliance. You can try partnering with a few other brands to make a cross-brand promotion or joining a platform’s promotional activity etc. The point is – create some leverage in your marketing; don’t fight the battle alone.

Benefits of live stream selling in the new-risen Discovery Commerce trend

Traditional E-commerce caters to the customers who initiate the search because they have something to buy in mind, which as Facebook describes, is a process of “people find product”. In recent years, there’s a fast-growing trend of customers discovering a product they love through browsing on social – a phenomenon known as Discovery Commerce. The magic behind Discovery Commerce, is to use data and machine learning to understand customer preference so that it can match the right product with the right people, making it into a “product find people” shopping experience.

Learn more : Discovery Commerce on Facebook for Business

How does live stream selling play a role in the new era of shopping? Luckily, it brings two benefits:

Benefit 1: Build your potential customer list for retargeting faster

With highly interactive format like live stream, you can build the your potential customer list more easily and effectively. When customers commented “+1” in the live, they will be led to Messenger to continue the purchase flow. You can later create a custom audience list of people who sent a message to your Page or who interacted with your post, and use them for remarketing.

Benefit 2: Provide seamless shopping experience. Get orders made in only few seconds

When customers commented “+1” in the live, a live selling solution like Shoplus automatically triggers the chatbot to guide the shoppers through their buying journey in Messenger. The process is done in a friendly, conversational way that only require few taps. By providing a smooth, frictionless experience to the customers, our solution help shorten the distance between discovery to purchase. In our experience, sellers were able to process a comment every 0.6 seconds and sell an item every 4.6 seconds.

Ready to use live stream to boost your online sales? Start your free trial on Shoplus now.

“We are delighted to help our sellers generate increased sales and engagement during our first Live Shopping Day, an event that gives independent online sellers an opportunity to connect with buyers across Thailand. Shoppers are now looking to go beyond traditional online shopping and live shopping helps them become more engaged in their shopping experience as they can ask questions and learn more about the product from the seller. Our seller’s success on Shoplus Live Shopping Day demonstrates that customers are enjoying their experience, and it leads to more sales for live sellers.”

Kimmy Chen ( General Manager, Shoplus )
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