Shoplus keep everything organized and up to date with our simple dashboard. Manage multiple shops, order statuses, shipping, and payment all from one place anywhere you go. 

Starting the first business, you should upload your product on the order management system, then you could go through the order collection process systematically.

Automate Order from Facebook Fanpage 

To save your time, Shoplus checkout assistant in Facebook Messenger is always ready to accept and complete orders — even when you’re away. We also include order updates and notifications to keep your customers in the loop.


Step one: Click Product, select Create/Import product.

Here you can choose to create the item or directly import Excel Sheet of your product list into the system. We would go through the former process to create an item. 

Click Add product.

Fill in the product information, including Product Name, Product description, Unit price, and uploaded Product picture.

Shoplus can assist you with Tracking inventory. 

To get good use of this feature, select and allow Shoplus to track inventory status.

Then, enter the number of inventory for the product and Check if  whether buyers can book when the product when it is out of stock:

If No: When the product is out of stock, buyers will be notified that the item is out of stock and cannot be ordered anymore.

If Yes: When the stock runs out, the buyer can still place the order and the seller will be notified by Shoplus to add more goods.

To manage your stock, go Products and click Inventory.

Here sellers could update your stock timely so that Shoplus could help well-managed your inventory. 


If you want to Add multiple products at one time. The Excel import function is supported on the Web version.

  1. At the product section, select Add product, then select Bulk product import (Excel).

      2. Click on the Excel Template to post a product to download it or choose your own excel sheet.

      3. Fill product information into the following excel file.
          You can refer to more detailed HD to support filling out information accurately and quickly.

  1. Upload the completed file to Shoplus.

Post products on Facebook from Shoplus

With the smart solution of Shoplus, Shops can post directly from Facebook or through Shoplus. 

When you post an article on Facebook through Shoplus, Shoplus can support automatically reply to comments on that article, and product information inbox. 

Under Products, click Post/Share to select the product which you want to post to Facebook.

If you haven’t setup Shipping and payment options, follow the instruction here.

Check or add article information and select Publish.

Your selling posts will be exposed on Facebook.

At your Facebook fanpage, you can still adjust your post without affecting its settings.

Only with such simple operations, you have finished Posting to Fanpage with Shoplus.

The post will be displayed on FB fanpage with a messenger buy link. You can copy this link and paste away other sales channels so that buyers can order.

Now you receive your first comment under the post.

When customers comment or click on the link the auto- chatbot will check out process immediately. This is an easy-to-use chatbot assistant developed by Shoplus.

Chatbot focuses on and creates the initial interaction, enabling your Shop to reply to the customer soon. As a single latch, Chattie is present quickly on all fronts, supporting a single latch shop and pushing orders through Shoplus as well as the carrier in few seconds.

More precisely, Chattie can support your fanpage  with the following:

  • Automatically reply to comments and product information inbox
  • Support fast check out process at Messenger with keyword work “OK create order “ command to create the menu
  • A fast single latch at Messenger with Shoplus Chrome extension
  • Automatically send order updates to both seller and buyer

With those features of Shoplus chatbot, it could really save time and focus on next coming orders.
Let’s go through Shoplus efficiency process.

First, buyers will receive an inbox message as they click the inbox link or leave comments under the product post.

Then, Key in “OK” to start the shopping.

Set quantity.

If buyers choose to Add to the shopping cart, one could look up for other items continually.

Third, the Payment settings could also be decided in messenger.

If chosen COD method, it could go directly to Shipping info.

If chosen Bank transfer, Chatbot would offer banking info and required for the buyer’s bank transfer receipt.

As buyers hand in the receipt photo, they could get into the next stage.

Then, key in the shipping info to the chatbot.

Once buyers click Submit, they almost get there.

Because the shipping info should be really accurate to avoid the delay of delivery.

The chatbot would confirm the shipping info to buyers once again.

Lastly, Chatbot would send the receipt automatically, and customers could view their orders through one click.

To the Sellers, once the chatbot started a conversation, the info would be collected to the backstage system and set up an order automatically.

Click Action to set up more delivery details.

As you can see, all the customer info needed has been well prepared by a chatbot assistant.

The only thing the shop needs to do is to check up the payment and shipping info.

Click confirm the order and we could get into the last step of the delivery.

Confirm all the order details and click the Receipt and Shipping label.

The Receipt and Shipping label would setup automatically, shops can easily print it out and hand it in to the delivery company.