Shoplus provides  Buying Intent Order-Centric Live Streaming Selling, and OMS (order management system, payment, logistics, ads optimization) for individual social commerce merchants across multi-devices anywhere anytime in Shoplus.

Every process in the social selling has it’s own smart solution for it.

Previously, we’ve introduced on how to collect orders while doing live-streaming in Fan page through “tick to order”.

Now, we’re trying to provide more advanced  version feature “Auto tick” to make the order establishment process more efficiently. Shoplus will auto detect the product keyword with comments under live-streaming, and auto send the buy link to the customers.

Step 1: Login and store settings. 

Log in via the website

Go to “Setting” to connect to the Facebook page and set up the shop for Bank, or COD (Cash On Delivery) and the shipping fee.


As you start a live-stream video on your Fan Page, the Shoplus system “Lives” would show the video status simultaneously.


Step 2: Start the live!


As a seller, you  can start the live broadcast on your Facebook page just like the usual way you do during Facebook Live Stream Selling.

Meanwhile, you can also view the customer’s comments  stored on the system via the “Live” menu for as long as the FB fan page is connected to Shoplus.


Step 3 : Set up the product

Click “Try it now”

And click “Add Product” to select certain product you want to sell on live stream.


The product could shift from one to another during live streaming, which means you don’t have to stop your selling process too long and with just a click, you can switch between different items.

Once you receive the comment which contained the keyword “watch”, the AI assistant would record in back end system automatically.

Furthermore, the response would send to the customer immediately through the chatbot.


Step 4: Confirm information

Here you  can click to enter further details price, quantity and payment info.


If you didn’t pre-set up with specific product info, you could click “Add new product” and key in more details for it.

After that, click “Send confirmation”.


Step 4: Close the sale


Bills that summarize orders would be sent to customers inbox with automatic payment details.

The chatbot would lead the customer going through the step by step processes smoothly.

For those sellers who would like to track their availability of orders, they can automate Shoplus tracks inventory. Once the seller has paid, the system will automatically sends back info to the buyer and allows to  view the order immediately.

If customers have bought any other product in the shop the second time, the shipping info which they’ve already filled in would be registered automatically.

If customer never bought anything in the shop or first time buyers, he/she would have to fill in their shipping info .


Step 5: Checking orders

All customer information will be stored in the back end system, so the vendor can go back and check for the accuracy and  confirm the order after video post.


After you confirmed to your customers,  orders will be moved to the status as “Fulfilled”.


In the case that the shop itself is able to click “Seller self-shipping” and enter the package number in order to print the “Receipt and shipping label” out. 

The intelligent assistant for live merchant makes the order management systematically and smoothly, and reduce the complicated administrative process in traditional work flow.