Post-Covid Recovery with Digital Solution

This global pandemic changed the way we shop because of the risk of COVID-19 transmission that can occur when people are in physical contact with others for a long period of time and as every individual’s personal precaution they opt not to shop on a traditional physical store to keep at distance with others or to remain no contact at all.

Given the situation, it’s a call for brands, small and large businesses to find ways on how to deal with these changes. Shoplus is here to bring digital solutions and transformation to help brands recover faster after this pandemic that will open a lot of business opportunities for them.

What is a digital solution?
Digital solutions means using technology to solve problems. Example includes, to increase efficiency in business operations by reducing labor work and use technology and computer systems to make work easier.

Using tech to fulfill the essentials

During the first part of COVID-19 lockdown in the Philippines were closure of all malls, establishments and factories are so ordered for temporary closure making it hard for everyone to get and fulfill their basic needs.

To cope up with this challenge, Shoplus together with Unilever Philippines focused on providing AI solutions to help their chain stores get through with the impact brought by the pandemic. Unilever implemented a unique AI digital solution developed by iKala Shoplus to transform their traditional stores into a social commerce, a new sales channel online.

Using Shoplus, Unilever is now able to fulfill the needs of every Filipinos through their partnered grocery stores distributing their products and were able to take orders from customers online, completing the transaction and have it ready for pick-up or delivery. 

The result of using a digital solution with AI from Shoplus

It’s a success story between Shoplus and Unilever that works hand in hand into this digital transformation. Showing positive results of; 

  • Return on advertising cost (ROAS) by 3.9 times
  • Repeat buyer rate of 25%
  • Volume of purchase increased by 5 times
  • Total revenue surpass offline

In addition to Unilever’s digital initiative and together with Shoplus, there will be 3 more supermarket chain stores in the pipeline to be rolled out soon just in time as we gear towards the new normal situation, where fulfilling our basic needs are done over the screen. 

“Shoplus is a simple and flexible platform. Help create a seamless experience for both brands and customers from the shop to order the release of the product .”

Francis Almirante
Manager Digital Transformation, Unilever Philippines

Adapting the digital transformation to your business will be helpful to cope up easily during this uncertain time. Just like the case study from Unilever Philippines who adapted The Digital Solution from Shoplus, and were able to still sell their products and cater the needs of the Filipinos during the lockdown and will also be the key for the brand to recover faster after the COVID-19 situation.

“We are looking into this new behavior and going forward I think the trend will sustain in Southeast Asia even after the pandemic because the conversion quality of SEA consumers on their social networks happened to lead into successful business transactions. They are also the type of consumer that chats extensively with the merchants online for certain product details before making a purchase but with Shoplus AI-Chatbot it would be much easier for the merchant to handle thousands of inquiries at a time.” says iKala CEO and Co-Founder, Sega Cheng.

Shoplus digital solution includes, AI for live selling and post, an online store management system and a 24/7 AI-chatbot. Start collecting orders from comments and messages. Take and adapt this digital transformation to your business by claiming your FREE SUBSCRIPTION here!

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