Shoplus paid subscription refund policy (2021.10.26)

From November 16th Shoplus will become a free service for all users. The free service will be aligned with our global service, and will operate on a free self-sustaining model. That means you can continue to use our service to collect orders and arrange delivery as you do now, and enjoy all of the features you currently use, but as your new plan is free, customer support will no longer be available.

If you are a subscriber, you shall receive the refund based on the unused proportion of your subscription period. Please follow below instruct to claim your refund:

Refund Policy


For subscriptions expiring after and inclusive of 16-Nov-2021, Shoplus will initiate a refund of the remaining subscription after 16-Nov-2021.

Refund calculation

The refund will be based on a daily rate of a 365-day year count Refundable amount = Days remaining / 365 * original subscription amount

For example, if your subscription expires on 2022/7/14. You will receive a 240 days subscription refund. If your original subscription amount is 1,600. Then your refund amount will be 1,052.05. (240/365*1600)

Claim for refund

Users must contact to Team Thailand <[email protected]> or LINE OA before 10-Nov-2021 23:59 Bangkok time to request for the refund

Once your refund request is received, your refund will be processed within 10 working days

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