Unlock Your Customer Shopping Potential by Smart Customer Segmentation

The latest feature from Shoplus that helps merchants segment their customers with the use of AI technology. Communicate with customers in more targeted broadcast messages along with Shoplus’ communication techniques on how to win every segment! 

Customer segmentation value
Customers are being segmented on this feature by their purchasing behavior. Data about their purchase frequency and the value of their purchase. Shoplus uses AI technology to segment customers into 5 valuable groups.

  • Loyal Customers – customers who shop frequently and spend the most.
  • Potential Loyalists – customers who have just made a purchase and spent a good amount with average frequency.
  • Regular Customers – customers who buy often but haven’t spent that much.
  • General Customers – customers who have just bought but not frequent shoppers and the amount they spent is below average.
  • Sleeping Customers – customers who have made a purchase a long time ago.

This smart customer segmentation by Shoplus shares communication techniques for different groups of customers in order to maintain a good relationship between sellers and customers. It is also capable of sending messages, broadcasts, promotions for specific groups that can convert customers into loyal customers.

How to use
Send broadcast or communicate with specific groups with Shoplus’ Customer Segmentation feature and to get started, just follow the steps below.

  1. From your Shoplus OMS, open the “Customer” menu.
  2. From the “Customer” menu, the system will automatically group your customers into 5 different segments; Loyal Customers, Potential Loyalists, Regular Customers, General Customers and Sleeping Customers. Ir will be based on their purchase frequency and purchasing power.

  3. Click “View” the customer group you want to access. Then the system will show the summary of data; total number of customers, orders, total spent and average order value. Shoplus system will also give some techniques or programs on how to keep good relationships with each customer group. 
  4. The “Broadcast” button will let sellers send promotional messages to that specific group. The broadcast message will be sent out to customers under that group who interacted with the page within a 24 hour period. 
  5. The “Create Ads” button will let sellers re-target customers effectively by sponsored messages and create a lookalike audience to reach new people  who are similar to their high-value customers with the help of the Shoplus team. 

The Result

After a week of exploring this newest feature on OMS, Shoplus users are able to create specific advertisement for each customer segment group, using the 2 advertising formats below:

  1. Attract old customers by several custom ads with Sponsored Messages under “Loyal Customers” group. They are the ones who have the most repeat purchase. It also shows that the customers here are 53% faster to make repeat purchases.

  2. Search for new customers from the different segment groups by several lookalike campaign ads. Cost-per-result (CPR) was 13% lower and conversion (CVR) rate increased from 13% to 33% compared to the usual ads released by the store. 

This feature will help a lot in maintaining excellent customer relationships in the long run. It also improves the efficiency of the online store and will increase sales. Explore the newest feature on Shoplus OMS, the Customer Segmentation feature now!


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