Shoplus is an AI Social Selling Assistant tailored for Facebook social sellers. Shoplus helps social sellers with 3 different scenarios:

  •  Sellers who get the order from the product-related post 

  •  Sellers who get the order from live streamings 

  •   who get orders from customers inbox messages 

With human-centered AI technology, Shoplus aimed to simplify and streamline the social selling experience. It could transform every single social traffic into sales, empower small individual shops with the right tools to succeed. So, Let’s get started with a few easy steps, save time and sell more.

Step 1 :

To create a Shoplus account, first  Go to, and select Login to Facebook.

With each Facebook account registered to use Shoplus, it is possible to create the management of up to 20 stores and the corresponding Fanpage.

Then, fill in your Shop name and select an active Store location.

Step 2: 

click to connect the Fan page.

Make sure you’re on behave with the right account.

Select one fan page to connect with Shoplus.

Select Authorize Shoplus to manage Facebook Page.

In this step, Shoplus only helps you manage your posts, sync messages, and process orders. Shoplus will not post to your Facebook without your consent, so you can be assured.

If you do not have authorized access to manage Pages for Shoplus when signing up for an account, you will not be able to find the page when setting up a sales channel connection.

Shoplus allows each store to connect to a Fanpage. If you want to manage multiple Fanpage, you can create new shops to connect more.

When it comes to this page, the account on Shoplus has well done.

Next, we’re going through to set up further account details to make the selling stream more smooth. 

This is the back-end management system of Shoplus.

Now, we need to set up the seller’s profile and some basic information such as an address, phone number, bank account, etc, so the system could automatically apply the needed information in every order you’ve received.

Step 3 : 

To install store information, go to Settings, click the Edit tab to start detailed settings.

Here you can install the information.

Basic as Avatar, Store ID, Store Name, Store Description, Store Location, Language and Time Zone. 

In which Store ID is a series of store codes, later if you need any support, you just need to send this code to Shoplus.

Also, Language and Time Zone have been set by default to Store Location at the registration step, so there’s no need to reinstall here.

Contact information includes Store Owner Name, Phone, Zalo Account, Email, Address and Order Processing Time.

Contact information filled in this section will be provided to the shipping company to the delivery staff to pick up goods. Therefore, you should note complete and accurate to avoid delays for offline delivery.

To set up your payment, go to the Settings section, select the Shipping and payment tab, then click Edit for detailed settings.

In the Payment section, you can choose either two payment methods: Bank transfer and COD (Pay on delivery) for buyers to pay.

Bank transfer:  You need to fill in account information so the buyer can transfer to you. You can add up to 3 bank accounts here.

 If you no longer want to use the account to make the transaction, select Remove to disconnect from that account.

To set the Shipping, go to Settings, select the Shipping and payment tab, then click Edit to start the detailed installation.

Free shipping for the entire store: all orders at your store are free shipping.

The shipping fee charged per order: the standard shipping charge for an order. It applied when a buyer places an order from Facebook Messenger.

 If the Shop has a variety of shipping rates, you can create a flexible order to meet your certain shipping charges.

Free shipping on order price over : Fill in the order price level where the free shipping discount in the shop can apply.

Shoplus has created an easy and flexible application for seller’s to meet their own demand. With the account created and all the information well prepared, in the next post, we would introduce how to create the first order to seek more business opportunities online.