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What would we change for the global version of Shoplus after 12/16?

Package: All the services would be free on OMS. Platform:Only keep the OMS on the web and App. Chrome Extension and Ok create Order would be removed. Language:The interface language is only available in English. The number of the shop:Each user could create up to 5 shops, and your existing shops will remain. Channel:Only offer […]


What is Shoplus?Shoplus is your friendly AI Assistant for your online business.  It helps process orders from live selling or from your FB post’s comments or even through direct inbox message. Selling becomes easy and convenient. Shoplus will help your business boost sales while saving your time. What are Shoplus’ key features?Shoplus has a lot […]

Connect your Page with Shoplus

It’s now time to connect your Facebook business or fan page with Shoplus. Start collecting orders from a chatbot, live selling, and posts immediately! Connect your Facebook business page using your Shoplus App!    1. Click “Log in with Facebook.” 2. Click “Continue as your Facebook Username.” 3. Select the business page that you want […]

Start Selling! – from Live

Global version on 12/17: The buyer side would not show the bank account in messenger.Shoplus Live Selling feature comes with an Auto-Detection system that can automatically detect customers’ comments with buying intents through its advanced AI technology. Start Selling from Live To start: Open Facebook App and go to the business or fan page that […]

Start Selling! – from Posts

Start selling and processing orders on Shoplus, your intelligent and friendly AI-Assistant for your online business from posts! Start Selling from Posts Select products from your inventory to create a buying post on your Facebook business page. Tap the “Products” button on your Shoplus App. Hit the “Edit” button to create a Facebook post or […]