It’s now time to connect your Facebook business or fan page with Shoplus. Start collecting orders from a chatbot, live selling, and posts immediately!

Connect your Facebook business page using your Shoplus App! 


1. Click “Log in with Facebook.”

2. Click “Continue as your Facebook Username.”

3. Select the business page that you want to connect to, then click “Next.”

4. Grant Shoplus access to manage the store’s inbox by enabling all options.

5. Click “Done.”

6. Click “OK” to confirm that you have connected your Facebook page.

7. Click “Create New Shop.”

8. Choose preferred language and currency.

9. Click “Confirm”


10. Click the shop to set up.

11. Click “My Shop Settings” to set up your account.

Connect your Facebook business page using Shoplus Web version!

  1. Login to then click “Login with Facebook” to begin

  2. Click “Create new shop” to create your shop. 

3. Select preferred language, currency and shop name. 

4. Click “Next.”

5. Everything is ready! Go to your shop to connect your Facebook business/fan page. 

6. Click “Manage Channels” to connect your page.

7. Other way to connect a page, go to Settings Menu > Channels > Connect

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