1. What is Shoplus?
    Shoplus is your friendly AI Assistant for your online business.  It helps process orders from live selling or from your FB post’s comments or even through direct inbox message. Selling becomes easy and convenient. Shoplus will help your business boost sales while saving your time.
  2. What are Shoplus’ key features?
    Shoplus has a lot of cool features that will help you grow your social commerce. Check them out here!
  3. Where can I download Shoplus?
    Shoplus is now available for both Android and IOS devices. A web version is also available for access. 
  4. How much is the subscription fee?
    Shoplus is free for all users. If you have paid already, here is the refund policy.
  5. How to get started?
    For more information on how to set-up and use Shoplus on the app/web, check it here for the step by step guide.
  6. Are you open for partnership?
    Here in Shoplus, we love doing business! We are open for partnership under our Affiliate Program. For proposals, kindly send it here: [email protected]

An order was fulfilled using COD payment and was already shipped. The order was confirmed by the buyer. However, upon the delivery the buyer refused to pay.

Question: What will happen to the sales revenue in Shoplus since it’s already added in the sales revenue?

The revenue will still be counted, we ‘re still developing a tagging feature to include “refused to pay COD” or “refused by buyer upon delivery.”

Question: How will I delete the said fulfilled order in the Shoplus dashboard where the buyer refused to pay during the delivery? 

If you delete an order that you have already shipped out, the order will be deleted only on the OMS but the shipment will still be carried out by your selected courier partner. At the moment, Shoplus won’t be able to automatically inform your courier of a cancelled order. Deleting an order needs to be requested with Shoplus Customer Care.

Question: Can you automatically deduct the amount of money being added in the sales revenue for product returns or cancelled orders?

Right now, we are not able to deduct the money from sales revenue in your dashboard. However, in the future, once we integrate with logistic partners, we can have this feature developed. 


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