AI Solution for Social Commerce

Shoplus is an AI social selling service tailored for social commerce merchants. We process buying intent from comments into orders with AI-detect integrated with FB messenger chatbot. Plus, Shoplus order management system with fulfillment and shipment, we turn your social traffic into an online-shop. 

Do less and sell more with Shoplus.

Shoplus Messenger Plugin, Creating Orders in Live-chat

Chatting is the foundation of social commerce, we all know that buyers like to ask questions and require helps with real human responses. That’s why Shoplus messenger plugin comes to help. You can turn every FB messages from the buyer into order in a systematic way.

How does Shoplus AI-Smart Messenger Plugin work?

Through all the human conversation back and forth, when you finally confirm which products the buyer want to purchase, you can request Shoplus messenger helper “Chrome extension to assist by follow these steps:

  1. Open Shoplus Extension
  2. Check buyer info & pay method
  3. Add purchase item( you can select all the products that you upload to Shoplus system already or create a new one right away )
  4. Select logistic
  5. Edit shipping fee and discount
  6. Confirm order, Shoplus will automatically send the bill out.
  7. Go to Shoplus backend and manage orders

The key highlights for AI- Smart Tech

  1. Store for VIP buyer’s info:
    You don’t need to fill out buyer info again if they have purchased your product with Shoplus systems.
  2. Auto-detect address into the form:
    If the buyer inputs new receiver’s information, our system will detect it including name, phone number, address from comment texts and notification will be sent to the seller.
  3. List pending order:
    If the buyer has pending orders, we will list them. Let you close the deal into order efficiently.

Smart-AI also available on Mobile Messenger version

We know that you are with mobile all the time, so Shoplus Smart- AI messenger also can be triggered on mobile phones. 

When you finally confirm which product the buyer wants to purchase, you can just type “OK create order” then you can trigger Shoplus helper to create the order in a systematic way. Anytime anywhere with Shoplus, we help to process orders in an efficient way.