AI Solution for Social Commerce

Shoplus is an AI social selling service tailored for social commerce merchants. We process buying intent from comments into orders with AI-detect integrated with FB messenger chatbot. Plus, Shoplus order management system with fulfillment and shipment, we turn your social traffic into an online-shop. 

Do less and sell more with Shoplus.

Manage Orders and Process Shipping

Shoplus management system is a platform that allows you, as a seller, to efficiently track sales, orders and inventories. Shoplus can fulfill your online selling needs as we provide the service in web, Android and iOS App version which allows you to monitor and  manage your online shop anytime and anywhere.

Pending Orders

Every deals that you created and closed with Shoplus, they will be shown in pending orders. So you can check the order details, edit and move it to next workflow. For example, you can collect the payments or move that order to shipping. Moreover, you can individually manage the order or use bulk processing. 

Unfulfilled Orders

In an unfulfilled process, you can create the notes for buyers or delivery men. you can also print out the order items in order to be picked up.

fulfilled Orders

In a fulfilled order process, you can print out the shipping labels with tracking codes and receiver’s name, address, phone numbers and additional information. Super convenient and easy for you to arrange the shipment!

Full version of Shoplus Order Management System

Filter & Export Orders

You can filter the order by different scenarios;

  1. Order Source: by post or recent live
  2. Payment Status: bank transfer or Cash-On-Delivery (COD) status: paid or unpaid

You can also search the  specific order by a buyer’s phone number. Moreover, you can export all the orders to excel files. With Shoplus, it allows you to process the order on your preferred flow.

Payment Receipt Auto Check & Messenger Chatbot to Follow-up

After setting a Bank transfer as a payment, once buyers paid, Shoplus will ask buyers to upload the payment receipts to a messenger. Shoplus AI-pay slip detection will identify whether receipts are authentic, show the check status in the order management system and allow you to individually check the receipts or use bulk process them.   

Bulk Fulfill Orders & Self-shipping

Once you finish packing the parcels, you can bulk send those parcels to logistics and get parcel tracking codes right away.

Print Shipping Label

The systems give you the faster way to print out shipping labels by choosing a specific order or more than one, using bulk printing. Shoplus will automatically create the shipping label which you can choose preferred size, information and type of printer. Moreover, the printed orders will have a printed icon to prevent confusion.


Scan Shipping Code with Shoplus App

With Shoplus App, it allows you to scan your own logistic barcodes per order you create in the Shoplus system. You don’t need to manually update the parcel tracking codes to the buyer. Let’s try the Shoplus Scan solution for your parcels.