AI Solution for Social Commerce

Shoplus is an AI social selling service tailored for social commerce merchants. We process buying intent from comments into orders with AI-detect integrated with FB messenger chatbot. Plus, Shoplus order management system with fulfillment and shipment, we turn your social traffic into an online-shop. 

Do less and sell more with Shoplus.

AI-Smart Live Selling Tech, Helps You to Process Comment into Orders

With product keyword auto-detection feature , Shoplus helps you to process thousands of comment in real time. Check out how Shoplus AI-tech can help you to increase 20% sales and reduce 80% human work.

Before Live

Send the broadcast to notify your subscribers for upcoming lives in order to increase the view and reach for you live-sell.

During Live​

For each live, you can differently set up the products with [keyword], [price] and [stocks] to sell on the lives.

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During the live, when buyers comment with related product codes, Shoplus AI-Samrt live will match with product and trigger chatbot to collect orders.

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After Live

Just by one-click, you can send the bills with summery of comments, products, sum of price to all the buyers with comments and also the post payment info. 

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Key Features that Help to Scale up Sales through Live

Set up Product Code for Live

You can set up product code for each product with price , inventory and stock. Every time you can select each product code to sell in the live. you can set up products before or during live. These processes allow you to quickly add or remove product code during live based on real response from buyers.

Quickly editing before or during live will support unforeseen changes in real live-streaming.

Auto-Detect Live Comment

Once you live, all the comments under live will be processed to the Shoplus backend system. you can see how amazing auto detect feature works:

  1. Find 20% hidden comment that FB fails to show you.
  2. In real time you can see how many comments that match with product code.
  3. In real time you can see what products have been sold out and what products still have stock if you set up stock tracking.

Up to 98% accuracy with buying intent matching. System skips the repeated comments and redundant inquiry comments. We try hard to make every auto-detect order count.

Auto- Like Buyer Comment

When buyers’ comments get auto-detect, Shoplus will “like the comment” on behalf of your fan page. So buyers know they get the product from this live, and will get a bill summary by messenger chatbot. 

You just need to focus on selecting the right products to sell, the rest human work will be handled by Shoplus.

Send Bill to Buyers in One-Click

Usually in one-line, buyers will purchase 2-3 products, you can use Shoplus “send bill” feature to send out bills to all buyers right after live-end. The feature will show all the comments, the same buyer comment, all the products matched to comment and summary of total price plus shipping fee.   

You can process thousands of bills just by one- click, and wait for Shoplus chatbot to work and collect the payment for you.