AI Solution for Social Commerce

Shoplus is an AI social selling service tailored for social commerce merchants. We process buying intent from comments into orders with AI-detect integrated with FB messenger chatbot. Plus, Shoplus order management system with fulfillment and shipment, we turn your social traffic into an online-shop. 

Do less and sell more with Shoplus.

Get Orders from Facebook Fan Page Post 24/7

The Facebook fan page has become the most popular platform for online shopping. It allows people to catch up the new products and services from their Facebook newsfeeds. Don’t miss the chance to get orders from Facebook post when you could not response to all comments.

Easy Steps to Set up the Auto-reply & Messenger Chatbot

Product Management

Set up the products that you want to sell on the Facebook Fan page with product name, variant, price, pictures, and description details that buyers frequently ask. By doing this once, You can use Shoplus to efficiently manage your stocks and modify the price.

All the settings of products you can modify and manage them efficiently here. You can also bulk upload and edit products through the product management system.


Post to Facebook Fan Page

Just One-click! you can create Facebook posts into your fan page connected to Shoplus. By pressing the “Post” button, all information you set up for the product will be posted on Facebook.

Or you can click the “Copy” button to get the product buy link, you can send it to any buyers who are interested in this product.

Chatbot Auto Reply to Buyer

You might not be able to sit in front of the desk 24/7 to answer the comments under the FB product post. But Shoplus can, with Shoplus AI technology, automatically reply to all buyers’ comments and guide them to the checkout process by the chatbot. Whoever shows interest in your products post, they will get a quick response by messenger.

All you need to do is receiving the payments and sending the products to your customers.


Tailored Chatbot for Your Shop

Shoplus chatbot is tailored for the social commerce scenarios, once you set up the Shop with Shoplus. Messenger chatbot will send the product details ,and guide the buyers to checkout processes by themselves.

Chatbot will auto send the payment options including Bank transfer and Cash-On-Delivery (COD), collect the payment slip and shipping information.