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On Boarding Products

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How to Sell Product Here?

1. Become Supplier

Click below button and enter your basic information to register as a supplier. Shoplus will contact you and check your status the product you want to sell to SEA. After registering, we would need you to provide your product information as the detail shown in above.

2. Wait for Pick up and Sell

The product shown in the list would be picked up and sold by the social sellers from Thailand, Vietnam, Philippine. Some times, the seller may request sample to demonstrate to their buyers. It's your decision to provide samples to get more chance to sell products.

3. Get Money!!

Once the product sold, the money would be transfer to your business account by Shoplus. You don't need to worry about seller would steal your money or product. Shoplus would make sure every transaction is work well.

4. Ship Product to Buyers

After receiving the money, all you need to do is making sure the buyer got your products in the committed time. It's that simple!

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How to Pick up Products?

Click below button to register as Shoplus certified social seller, and you got the chance to sell the product from all over the world!! What's the criteria of Shoplus certified social seller?

  • Your Facebook fan page quality should be healthy
  • The follower of fan page must be over 500 people
  • You have to sign up and use Shoplus to sell products