Global version on 12/17: The buyer side would not show the bank account in messenger.
Shoplus Live Selling feature comes with an Auto-Detection system that can automatically detect customers’ comments with buying intents through its advanced AI technology.

Start Selling from Live

To start: Open Facebook App and go to the business or fan page that you want to do the Live Selling.



Seller’s Side

Add Products +Product Codes (via Shoplus App)

  • Ongoing live selling session posted on your Facebook business/fan page will be shown on your Shoplus App.
  • Enable “Auto Detect” feature to capture buying intents.
  • Add products that you want to sell on the live together with product codes and prices.
  • Product codes will be used for the auto-detect feature.
  • Once the comment matched a certain product code/keyword, seller will see the green check box.


Add Products +Product Codes (via Shoplus OMS)

From your Shoplus OMS > Go to “Lives” > Click “Add” button

  • Enter product code, price, inventory and product name.

  • Enable “Auto Detect” feature to capture buying intents with the use of set product codes or keywords


Buyer’s Side


Turn Comments into Orders

  • Managing orders has never been this easy! While seller is doing the live selling event, page admins can monitor comments real-time. 
  • Page admins and moderators can turn comments into orders in Shoplus Order Management System (OMS).


Send Bill Notifications

  • Send bill after live selling event in just one click!
  • Buyers with comments that has been detected with buying intents will receive the bill via their Facebook messenger.


How to use the newest lottery system by Shoplus?

The lottery system allows you to play a game with your real-time live audience by using a keyword of your choice and the system will automatically pick a random winner. This will encourage more live viewers and will definitely boost sales experience!

Let’s get started!

  1. From your OMS, go to Lives Menu > Select from your Live List > then click the Lottery Button
  2. Assign a desired keyword that you want customers to type in during the live session for them to be able to join the lottery. Your keyword should be a single word with no special characters.  Then click the “Start
  3. When the live-viewer commented the assigned keyword on the live feed, he/she will receive a message from the chatbot stating that his/her comment matched the lottery keyword and have the chance to win the lottery game. 
  4. Here you are able to see how many viewers already commented the assigned keyword on the live feed and you can also set how many winners you want the system to pick randomly for you by clicking the “Pick Winners Button”.
    Note: If you click the “Reset Button” all entries will be voided and you need to get back from the start. If you only wanted to close the play lottery window, just click the “Close Button”

  5. The name of the lucky winners randomly selected by Shoplus Lottery System will be downloaded in a csv.file

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