Start selling and processing orders on Shoplus, your intelligent and friendly AI-Assistant for your online business from posts!

Start Selling from Posts

Select products from your inventory to create a buying post on your Facebook business page.

  1. Tap the “Products” button on your Shoplus App.
  2. Hit the “Edit” button to create a Facebook post or buy links that you can share to your other social media accounts. 
  3. Select the Facebook business page where you want to post the product and edit your post’s caption.
  4. Then click “Publish.”

Chatbot to collect orders 24/7

Buyer’s Side

  1. The buyer clicked the link to buy the product. 
  2. The buyer will receive the product details via Facebook Messenger. 
  3. From there, the buyer can select the desired quantity and then check out. 
  4. After check out, the buyer can choose between bank transfer or cash-on-delivery (COD) as the mode of payment. 
  5. Provide receiver’s details for the shipping of the orders.  

Seller’s Side

  1. The seller will be notified when there is a confirmed order.
  2. Check proof of payment and confirm.
  3. Choose desired logistics partner or the self-shipping option. 
  4. Print shipping label. 
  5. The buyer will receive the order tracking number automatically.

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