Every brand now is taking steps in building their online presence and one of the most important points is the channel of communication and interaction with customers. You’ll get inquiries about your product or service offerings directly from your page’s inbox and customers tend to rely only on this information provided by your page in making their purchase decision. Meaning, customers are expecting a quick and accurate response, but this is quite difficult for brands that do not have enough resources or with limited operating hours and chances are, it will result in a lost lead. Today, Shoplus brings the technology to every online brand and stores. It is the Shoplus AI-Chatbot and this is now becoming their sales-generating tool! If you are now familiar with this new technology, then do not miss this out! This might be the turning point for your online business!

What is a chatbot? How does the system work?​

Chatbot is a system or program that has been developed to be able to reply to customers greeting your shop or those that might be interested in buying something. Chatbot system simulates human conversation be it in text format or with the latest technology, in a dubbed or audio format. Chatbot works by receiving communication information, interpreting and processing customer inquiries and providing relevant answers. Chatbot usage is becoming more widespread that other platforms are now adopting this trend.

Two Types of Chatbot

1. Rule Based Chatbot
This type of chatbot interacts with the message sender according to your set keywords. It is often used in answering most frequently asked questions such as business hours, location, customer care hotline, shipping cost, prices, etc. This chatbot is easy to use and affordable.

 2.Conversational Chatbot (AI chatbot)
This type of chatbot uses artificial intelligence and modern technology. It can communicate with the sender like a real human being. This is best used to answer more critical questions. This chatbot costs a little bit and requires an advanced technical skill. But its accuracy and efficiency can surely upgrade customer experience on your shop.

Chatbot’s Key Benefits in Managing Business

1. A chatbot is the best time-saving tool.
Chatbot helps online sellers in saving time as it can take part in the whole buying process from providing product information, mode of payment up to getting buyer’s details for the order shipment.

2. A chatbot is a 24 hours online sales assistant.
Don’t let your customers wait too long to be assisted regarding their inquiries. Your online sales assistant is available 24/7 to convert all opportunities that come along to your page’s inbox into successful orders and it will increase your sales!

3. A chatbot is a tool to build stronger relationships with your customers.
Customers can easily lose their interest from your products especially when they did not immediately get much information and assistance from your shop. Chatbots are therefore helping sellers to impress customers by responding to inquiries in a quick manner thus making them feel satisfied with their buying experience.

4. A chatbot is the best way to save money.
Do not think that chatbot is expensive and will just cost a lot from you because it is an investment in establishing your online store. There are a lot of chatbot programs with competitive pricing that you can choose from. Use your chatbot program effectively to convert it as one of your sales-generating tools!

Level-up your online business by adopting to this modern trend

Nowadays, no matter what type of products and services you have, chatbot is being used to improve online buying experience. A study from Forbes shows that over 80% of the market demands and plans to deploy chatbot on their online businesses. It also indicates that customers and sellers prefer to have a chatbot because it can save a lot of time for both parties. Over the time, chatbot has already improved a lot and is now equipped with advanced technology making online businesses turn focus in adopting this trend that will level-up their digital stores.

Having a chatbot with artificial intelligence technology is now an important option for online brands because of its key benefits and Shoplus is one of the firsts to offer this kind of technology to chatbots, it’s the Shoplus AI chatbot that helps meet the needs of online stores. It can capture comments and turn it automatically as an order, auto reply to inquiries, assists customers in the buying process such as providing product basic details, mode of payment, shipping details and order status. Chatbot now might be the best solution for your business as there are still a lot of smart technologies it can offer!

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