All the services would be free on OMS.

Only keep the OMS on the web and App. Chrome Extension and Ok create Order would be removed.

The interface language is only available in English.

The number of the shop:
Each user could create up to 5 shops, and your existing shops will remain.

Only offer Facebook fan page and Instagram Account.

We only would offer seller self-shipping and Auto Fulfillment would be removed.

Pay in messenger would be removed.
We would not auto-detect receipts, also the buyer sending the receipt in messenger would not work too.

Messenger on chatbot:
We would remove the short link and account info on confirm order messenger.

Menu – Customer:
The customer segment and export customer list would be removed.

Menu – Extension:
We would not offer Instagram Order Helper and Chrome Extension anymore. Thus, the Extension page would be removed.

Menu – Tax Invoice:
The Tax Invoice would be removed.

We would remove the Payment Reminder function on the Order list.

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