Add Product

Adding products is very easy and convenient using the Shoplus App or through the website.


Add product using Shoplus App. 

  1. Go to “Products” menu and tap the add icon. 

  • Enter product details such as product name, description, color, sizes and available stocks. 
  • If a product has more than 1 variant, seller can add by tapping the “Add Variant” button. 
  • Maximum of 40 characters for the product variant details.
  • Maximum of 10 variants per product.

Track Inventory 

  • Turn on the “track inventory” button.
  • Once “track inventory” is activated, the seller has the option to let the customer order even if the product is tagged “out of inventory.
  • The seller has the option to activate this option or not.

Product Status

  • “Activate” when the product is ready to be sold.
  • “Inactivate” when seller want to stop selling the product


Add product using Shoplus Web Version.

To add a “Single Product”
From your OMS > Products > Add Product

  • Key in product details such as product name, description, inventory, product code (for live selling) and price. You can also add pictures for the product display. 
  • Click “Save.”


To add “Multiple Products using Bulk Upload Template”
From your OMS > Products > Bulk Upload Import

  • Please take note of the guideline summary indicated in the file on how to use bulk product upload.