Set Product Code

Learn how to set up product codes easily on Shoplus before and during live selling events.


Adding product codes before live selling event. 

  1. Go to “Products” menu and click “Add Product.” 




2. Enter details like product name and the product code that will be used in the live selling event. Enter the price then click “Save.” 

  • Set the product code with a letter followed by a number (Should not exceed 4 characters) such as A02.
  • If there are other product options, you can add more by pressing the plus button. 
  • If the product has more than one variant, a user-friendly way to name product codes would be [Code] followed by [color] or [size]
    Example: A01 Black, A02 Red (1 product can only have 10 variants as options)


3. If you want to add a product on your live that is already added on the inventory, from the “Lives” menu click Add Product > Search for the Product Code > Then Add.

Add products during live selling events. 

Set product code that you want to add for your live selling so that the system will catch comments automatically, even during live events.

  1. Go to “Lives” menu then “Add Product.”

  • Enter the product code, price, inventory, product name is optional. 
  • During the live, seller will mention the set product codes that the customers will comment to purchase the featured product. 
  • The system can also detect how many quantities per product a customer wishes to purchase. Using this format, Product Code space quantity. Example A02 2 (Quantity should not exceed 10 pcs.)
  • If the customer wishes to purchase 2 of the same product by commenting 2 times on the live, the system will detect it as a single order only. (If you want to have  2 of the same product, then it should be like this, A02 + 2 or A02.2)
  • If the customer comments the same way more than 2 times, the system will only detect it as a single order.