“Live-Selling” The brightest business opportunity during Covid-19

In 2020, there is a huge change in almost every business, especially online due to Covid-19 pandemic. The physical store gets fewer customers, for the reason that customers are encouraged to stay at home. Therefore, people start to shift their buying behavior to online platforms to buy a variety of goods including foods, groceries, clothes, and more. Offline stores are losing a connection with customers. This fact causes most businesses to switch their strategies to online platforms. The studies showed that there are 74% of people spending more on online shopping. This pandemic leads to a behavior-changing in the way of selling and buying.

There are also 47% of people worldwide spending more time on social media who mostly are teenagers and young adults. Even in Thailand, the rate of people switching to buy on social platforms is increasing. Thus, social commerce is now getting more competitive but also full of opportunity. In Asia especially in Thailand, we can see that businesess are changing their strategy. The most popular trend is definitely Live-streaming or live-selling. In 2020, The orders made via shoplus increased by 59%. One gold shop can achieve a 216% increase in orders. This indicates an opportunity in Live-selling. Most online shops are aware of the fact that to engage with customers is now most priorities in this fast-changing social commerce. Live-Selling is the best solution for this challenge especially in Thai market. Thailand starts to adopt the Live-Selling trend. There are more than 30% from 150,000 Unique pages that use Live-selling. 

  Social commerce not only involves just selling but also an engagement with customers and enhancing those experiences. Live-Selling offers a better interaction between shop and customer since almost every transaction is made in real-time. Sellers can communicate with customers, introduce their product, present the details and answer any question. Customers will also be impressed through the chat box, see and ask any question and even complete their transaction in a very short time. Live-Selling is a good solution for improving credibility of online pages as customers can see the real product and seller. With involvement of the human element and better engagement in the selling process, sales will be significantly increased. In Thailand, Live-selling is now considered the brightest future for online business. It revolves and enhances the ways of online selling. This trend might be the way for online business to attract customers and survive in the online market.

Doing Live-Selling is not easy especially if the seller has to do it alone. Shoplus has seen a large increase for shops that look for more efficient ways to do live-selling including managing order, comment and completing the transaction. Unlike other selling channels, Live-Selling has more time gap between interesting and buying because it requires the customer to capture the images of products and send them to sellers then wait for the seller to reply. Most online shops lost their sales due to this problem. If online shops want to boost up their Live-Selling game, they need to improve their performance. Most efficient and common way is using technology. Therefore, Shoplus has developed an AI technology, the most useful and efficient tools for Live Sellers, to impressively change your live-selling experience. This system can be used to speed up the process of buying with many functions which are designed to suit with any Live Seller’s needs. Furthermore, In order for business to win the customer’s heart, communication is the key in Live-Selling. Shoplus AI technology helps sellers to engage and respond to their customer’s intention through comment and messages.

Shoplus can solve the Live-Selling problems by providing effective features which are very easy to set up even if you are a solo seller. Shoplus AI systems help automate most processes. For example, AI chatbot can be used to automatically detect keywords and reply to buyers and lead them to finish the transaction. Sellers do not need to wait until Live-streaming ends, they can close the deal during live. This increases the opportunity for shops to gain more sales. Shoplus also tracks all unique comments during live and sends the deal automatically. These are only a few functions that can power up your Live-selling game in this fast changing market. Using Shoplus can help you to easily manage your page, order, payment and shipping. Every problem you face while selling online can be solved with AI technology, Shoplus.

“If Live-Selling is the future of the online market, It is the time for you to start speed up your game. “

Author: Mr.Chanrit Anantaprayoon
Email: [email protected]

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